*Hate Alert

My friends from other countries have often talked about our American use of the word love. It confuses them. Why? They say we overuse the word. I have to say I agree. Do you really love your taco as much as your mother?

So I’m calling us out on the use of the opposite word from love. Hate. I have to say that we overuse that word. Maybe not as much. But definitely too much. There is a summer ad running for iPad Pro that illustrates this.


Let’s go on hate alert, shall we? Let’s help each other out by alerting one another when we use the word too much. And why should we do this? Because we need to stop affirming it-it being hatred.

  • We affirm hatred when we listen to it. Being on hate alert will keep us from listening to anyone spew hatred.
  • We affirm hatred when we ignore it. Being on hate alert means we will call each other out on it rather than just ignore any spewing.
  • We affirm hatred when we agree with it. Being on hate alert means we refuse to agree with the attitude of hatred. We can disagree without spewing hatred.

Be Alert!


31 Proverbs Highlights: #29-Hate is about You

(A simple series highlighting verses from each chapter of the book of Proverbs)

Bloodthirsty men hate an honest person, but the upright care about him. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭29‬:‭10‬ HCSB)

Other translations term this hated person as blameless. So why the hate?

It has nothing to do with them. It has to do with the heart condition of the hater.

The heart condition of the upright and moral produces care for the blameless.

Here’s a heart test: 

  • Who am I genuinely tempted to hate? 
  • Have I considered the possibility that my heart condition may be the real issue? 
  • This hate isn’t about them at all. It’s about me.

31 Proverbs Highlights: #9-Rebuking

(A simple series highlighting verses from each chapter of the book of Proverbs)

The one who corrects a mocker will bring abuse on himself; the one who rebukes the wicked will get hurt. Don’t rebuke a mocker, or he will hate you; rebuke the wise, and he will love you. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭9‬:‭7-8‬ CSB)

To be clear, rebuking means to reprove sharply. To be further clear, reproving means to express condemnation for a fault or offense.

The essence of these two verses is a challenge: how do you receive deserved correction?

A wise person loves it. Those who don’t love it, according to these verses, aren’t worth the hurt they will give to any well-meaning rebuker. 

Choose wisely.

Hate Rising

Tonight a report on CBS documented how several social media hate groups can be linked to the killers in Dallas, Charleston, and San Bernardino. This piece made me wonder what is the cause in the apparent rise in hate. Could it be in these thoughts/beliefs/messages:

  • “You are the center of your universe”
  • “Your wants trump other’s”
  • “Your rights trump other’s”
  • “Your thoughts/opinions/beliefs trump other’s”
  • “Your wounds trump other’s”
  • “Empathy only matters when you need it”

Are these messages directly stated by most of us? No. Are they often supported by our actions? Yes.

The main concern in each of these messages is the focus on you. What about God? What about fellow humans?

Is it possible the rise in hate is equal to the rise in thinking too much about ourselves? God warns us of the dangers of thinking too highly of ourselves (Romans 12).

Suggestion: the next time you sense hate rising in you, ask yourself what is the root of the emotion. You might find it in an unexpected place. And you might find it has an easier fix than you thought. 

Down to the Rise!