Running Tuesdays: Surviving>Reviving>Thriving 

January 2 I wrote about my 2016 reading and described it as resurrected. The word I would say describes my 2016 running is revived.

After my last marathon in November 2012, my running went into somewhat survival mode. I was a little burned out. Managed a decent half in March 2013 but had little motivation after that. And definitely after the Ultra Ragnar later that year, I went into a phase of not really enjoying running. Then health/surgery/recovery swallowed up 2014&2015.

So 2016 was the comeback year. Traveling with friends to run in Detroit in October definitely relit the flame. I ran over 100 miles the last two months of the year, something I hadn’t done in three years. That marker, “something I hadn’t done in three years,” became my drive. 

My drive is back. My word for 2017 in running is thrive. I’m not yet back to 2012 fitness when I ran my best marathon time. So one goal for this year is to get back to race condition where I don’t feel like I’m surviving the distance but thriving at it. My total mileage for 2016 was 800+-revival level. Thriving goal for 2017 is over 1,000, closer to 1,200.

One cool thing I determined last year was a new bucket item, which is to run a race (any distance) in all 50 states. The October half in Detroit put me at 9 states. I checked off another state New Year’s Day with an 11k in Morganton, NC(#10). I’m shooting to get to 13 by year’s end. My first half of the year race schedule includes:

Through Surviving. Completed Reviving. Pursuing Thriving.