A Must Confession

Confession: n. 1. Confessing. 2. A thing confessed, a statement of one’s wrongdoing. 3. A declaration of one’s religious beliefs or one’s principles, a confession of faith

Yesterday morning in my prayer time I had some confessing to do. The main item I remember needing to confess was passing judgment on someone the day before. As I voiced those words the lyrics to Kari Jobe’s song came to mind. In prayer and in this song the work of confessing both happen but come from different places. This proved worth some meditation.

In our natural state, we are bent toward wrongdoing like passing judgment. As Christians, when we are in tune with the Holy Spirit, He lets us know pretty quickly when we do wrong. Then we have a choice. Will we admit the wrongdoing? Will we go beyond a confession to God and share any other needed confessions to wronged people? Will we take the opportunity to taste the unholiness of our natural bend in order to pursue the holiness of a supernatural bend provided by God?

To more permanently adjust our bend, maybe we should routinely declare our beliefs. Why? 

  • Because they remind us of our frailties
  • Because they remind us of our need
  • Because they remind us of God’s provision 
  • Because they keep us on the right road
  • Because they establish the boundary between right and wrong, good and evil
  • Because they feed our souls
  • Because they keep us in agreement with God and others

A confession of the cross is probably the best place to start. Rather than a maybe it should be a must.


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