More than an Imaginary Friend

Some days of prayer are just jaw dropping. Or you might say evidence convincing. Sunday was one of those days. Here’s one example that illustrates praying is not just an exercise in talking to an imaginary friend.

Before leaving church, I was handed a cellphone that a volunteer left behind. I decided to take it to his apartment, hoping he would be home, on my way out of town.

I got there a little after 3. He lives in a new apartment complex downtown that is quite secure; pretty much just one entrance for visitors. That’s if the office is open. It didn’t even cross my mind that the office might not be open. I was just focused on getting him his phone before I left town for two days.

I walked up to the office door and read that the Sunday office hours were 1-5. Terrific. No problem, I thought. Tried to open the door. Locked. Not terrific. How am I going to get this guy his phone? And what’s with the door being locked during posted hours?

I stepped back toward the parking lot just staring at the complex. Somehow I’ve got to get in this building. Since God had already answered several prayers that morning, my immediate thought was to just tell him this situation. 

God, I really want to get this phone to him. He’s going to need it before I get back from GA. How can I….

Mid sentence, I heard someone behind me say, “Hey, I know you from church.”

I was a little stunned. I hadn’t seen anyone in the parking lot. I turned around to a guy walking toward me that I didn’t recognize.

“Yeah, we met at church a few weeks. How’s it going?”

“Uh, good…”

“You need to get in?”

“Actually, I do. Someone from church left his phone this morning, and I was hoping to get it to him before getting on the road to GA.”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll let you in over here. We were just sitting here before heading out, and my wife saw you.”

I realized a truck was running, parked about six spots from me. Looked over, and his wife waved at me from the cab.

“There you go,” opening the door. “Glad I could help. Have a good trip.” And he was gone.

So I got in. Found his apartment. He was home. Phone returned.

Prayer Details:

  • First-time request
  • Two sentences
  • Immediately answered by friend in the lot who happened to be there at the exact time I came by unannounced, who for some reason hadn’t left the lot yet
  • One could argue that God already answered the prayer even before I voiced it

God is so much more than an imaginary friend.


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