Sometimes You Have to Drive the Bus

If you haven’t read Jim Collins’ article “Good to Great,” follow this link before continuing this read.

Get the right people on the bus, then get them in the right seat. That’s what he says to the bus driver. Get the who before the what.

No argument from me. But here’s a question. What does a bus rider do when the driver’s seat is empty, figuratively or literally. Ever happened to you?

Sometimes, whether you want to or not, you are the teamplayer that must get in the driver’s seat. How or why this happens isn’t the point of this entry. But if you find yourself unexpectedly having to drive the bus for a while, here are five thoughts of what to do.

  1. Talk with everyone else on the bus…isolation leads to poor driving
  2. Clarify why you’re driving and for how long…fuzziness leads to poor driving
  3. Resist any urge to reroute the bus…hijacking leads to poor driving
  4. Don’t get comfortable in that seat. In fact, work at getting at ease being uncomfortable…aggressiveness leads to poor driving
  5. Remember your seat on the bus…confusion leads to poor driving

If you don’t care about the bus, be honest and do the right thing…get off the bus. If you care about the bus, take the seat and drive well. 


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