Running Tuesdays: Introducing Monika

Starting this next Tuesday, I’ll be posting content on running. And in order to cover it well, I’ve invited three running friends (Lorraine, Michael and Monika) to guest blog along with me. We’ll write about things like training routines, equipment choices, etc. We will each take a turn at addressing the same topic. Should be fun.

So by way of introduction, for the next few days you’ll read a quick bio of one of the four of us. Welcome to Running Tuesdays!

Guest Blogger Monika

1. How long have you been a runner? 
I started to jog in late 2009 and in 2010 I did my first 5 and 10K race. In Jan 2011 I did my first marathon so I think I have been a true runner since Jan 2011 

2. What is your average weekly mileage? 
During marathon training I get 50M in per week. Otherwise 35-40M per week 

3. What is your shoe brand preference? 

On. A shoe made in Switzerland – very light but still a good stability shoe for me 

4. What is your race age grouping? 40-45 

5. What is your favorite running accomplishment? 

I never believed that I was capable of qualifying for the Boston marathon. And in 3 month of very hard and consistent Cross Fit and run training I ran the race of my life. I ran 17min faster than I did at the Chicago marathon in October 2014. I qualified with a 3.38.28 ( I needed a 3.45.00 for Boston ) in September of 2015. 
Although I truly love every race finish line! I always get tears of joy! 


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