God sees, knows and loves you, Ballard

Today is one of those days that makes those “other” days worth it. Our church, First Baptist of Bradenton, has partnered with Ballard Elementary for several years. One way we partner is by providing free services for the students throughout the year. Today, the students could come to the church and receive haircuts, shoes, hoodies and pictures. We do this to show in a practical way that God sees them, knows their needs, and truly loves them.

We love our volunteers. These stylists came from Tampa to be a part of #fbclovesballard.

This student, volunteer and mother share the joy of #fbclovesballard.

This picture of a picture being taken is a great symbol of what #fbclovesballard is all about. May we all continue to do our part in the development of these young men and women’s lives.


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