Running Tuesdays: Shoe Size Matters

It was 2007. I had just ran my first 5k. I had the bug.

I had a discount card to the New Balance store in Sarasota from the race goodie bag. No more guessing at buying shoes. I was entering the world of taking running seriously. I had read an article in Runner’s World, similar to this one, that suggested my shoes may be too small. Up to that point, I had always bought the same size (7 1/2 or 8) in every pair of shoes I owned, no matter their purpose. I had determined that I was going to be open minded to whatever the shoe salesman said-not my normal MO.

He did the runthrough of sizing and testing to assess which shoe I needed, then went to bring some options out for me to try. They were all 9s or 9 1/2s. Yeah, I know. I’m sure I had the same “What  Are You Thinking?” look on my face. But I didn’t question. I tried them on. Even went outside and tested them up and down the sidewalk. 

Shocked. Amazed. My feet said, “Who Knew? Well, now you know. Get in there and pay for these sweet things.”

I’ve never looked back. That next week I ran more than my usual times and distances. I felt like a legit runner. Moving forward, I stuck with New Balances for a while, but have since tried Asics, Sauconys, Brooks, Nikes, and Mizunos; the shoe I like most right now is Brooks Pure Flow

As long as it’s a neutral shoe I’m good- in a 9 1/2, please. Shoe Size, most definitely, Matters.


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