“No, You Don’t Have a Syndrome”

Twice. Not once. Two times today the same thing happened. Once in my office and now at home.

Both times I was looking for something and couldn’t find it. It wasn’t long until I found it, but when I did I had literally walked by it several times. What is going on?

Well, I know the answer, and no, it’s not OPS (old people syndrome-not a real thing, but something someone made up).

Both times I had overlooked the obvious because I assumed what I was looking for wasn’t in that spot. I subconsciously eliminated choices based on assumptions. My mind was temporarily shut off from considering those options. 

Huh? Interesting. Chew on that for a second.


When I paused to chew on this thought, it seemed apparent to me that we humans do this often. We overlook the obvious. Why?

  • Sometimes out of ignorance, meaning we need someone to point it out to us. Like asking the grocery clerk, “Where is the lettuce,” while standing beside it in the produce section.
  • Sometimes out of arrogance, meaning we know we’re right, regardless. Like saying, “Yes, honey, I checked my wallet and that $50 is not there,” only to find it behind the $10 when you look again 10 minutes later.
  • Sometimes out of hurriedness, meaning we don’t stop and think. Like saying to yourself, “But I always put my keys right here,” knowing full well that always is such a broad word that almost always should make you stop and think.

Should I go on?

I’ll stop there and encourage all of us to consider our ignorance, arrogance, and hurriedness. How blessed we’d be to eliminate these from our lives. Not just once. Not even just twice. Daily. And certainly when we want to give ourselves an out, like making up our own syndrome.


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