Live How You Want to Die

Since Saturday I’ve had quite a few interactions with people giving me reason to ponder this question: How is it some people die happy and others don’t?

I say since Saturday because that’s the day some of our church family gathered to remember the life of Buna Brannon. She lived a full life. And I’m not just referring to her age of 84. Buna lived a full life because she chose to live it to its fullest.

By the time I met Mrs. Buna, she was already retired, 76 years of age. Nothing kept her down. Not illness. Not emotions. Not people. She made a choice to live life how she wanted, not how others wanted. And the foundation of that choice was her faith, how she understood God wanted her to live. And because of that faith, she lived happily, joyfully, actively, and extremely generously. And that’s also how she died. Until days before her living was done, she gave to others and thought of others which brought her joy, peace, and purpose. She had lived life in such a way that she was more than ready to leave it as she lived it.

However you live is probably how you’re going to die. It’s sad to watch people live unlike how they probably want to die. Angry. Depressed. Judging. Discontent. Proud. Buna made the choice to live with joy, with hard work, with purpose, and with love. And that’s what everyone will remember about her. She died how she lived.

If you want to die happily, live happily.

If you want to die sacrificially, live sacrificially.

If you want to die peacefully, live peacefully.

If you want to die regretless, live regretless.

The choice is clearly all yours.


4 thoughts on “Live How You Want to Die

  1. John you are so wise !I am 87 now and sometimes I think what has Our Good Lord in plan for me .I love life and love people and always try to find the best in everyone.Hope I am not boring you !Blessings on all you do!

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  2. I have to admit the title was interesting but also a little uncomfortable. “Who wants to read about that?” (I thought) But I kept coming across it and so I read it.
    I think it’s so true. The kicker is that we choose …. many won’t think so or even agree but we are always choosing…. our attitudes and actions.
    Richard Rohr says how we are in one thing is how we are in all things. So, in life or in death, we are what we consistently choose to be. May we be exactly the person God has called each one of us to be.

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