Upcoming Group Coaching Program

Just finished this book and excited about developing a coaching group around it.

Edging closer to a new year and decade, we can challenge ourselves about personal growth in order for God to do all he desires in our lives. My working name for the group coaching program is this: Going After The Better and The Deeper: My 2020 “I Can” Plan. The program will last four weeks meeting on Wednesdays starting January 8.

Of course, you can start your work now by getting a copy of the book. To whet your appetite of what your coaching may address, here are a few quotes:

  • One reality you must come to terms with is that your mind is not always telling you the truth.
  • Accepting reality is like a reset button for rebooting your computer.
  • You are never without options. That is the nature of God’s creation.
  • We are all control freaks, to an extent. God has always encouraged his people to take risks in order to grow, change, and live the lives of faith that will produce good fruit.
  • The accurate meaning of failure is that it is a learning experience.
  • Whenever you encounter a closed door, God knows what he is doing. Trust him; he is for you.

Official registration for the group will come later. To get in now, send an email to john@firstbradenton.com.


7 thoughts on “Upcoming Group Coaching Program

  1. John,

    I’m interested in the group but cannot attend the last session because I’ll be at a conference. If that means it would be best for me to decline attending or if there is another option, please let me know.



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  2. I’m in Montana as I write this. Been here with my daughter and grandson Calvin since October 15. My flight home was supposed to be November 5, but I’m still here. I came out to help while Jen’s hubby was in Florida working on an apartment they own, repairing and replacing things before the new tenant moved in.

    Jen was not sure we’d be here in the house when Josh got back. In fact we spent one night, the day he came home, elsewhere.

    It’s a volatile environment that seems quieter with me here. At least for my daughter’s sake. I still don’t know when I’m coming home. It’s awkward when I have put my private students on hold till I return.

    The real reason for my message to you is to tell you I have just finished reading David Platt’s book, Something Has To Change. You mentioned it a while back in one of your emails where you shared a portion of it with your readers. Oh, may I never be the same person anymore. This is by far the most influential book I have read other than Scripture. I’m grateful to you for having shared some of it with me. I was prompted to get it and read it.

    This has changed my whole reason for being here, watching and playing with Calvin, doing snow removal with them (great workout), helping with the garage apartment they’re building, interacting with Josh and his father, Cecil, on and on.

    I would appreciate your prayers for the situation here (we are both pretty sure without professional opinion, that Josh is bipolar and needs medication and counseling. Both of us are experientially familial with bipolar). I need wisdom to know how long I should stay.

    Thanks for your patience reading all this. And thanks for reading that book, and sharing from it.

    Blessings, Jo Stone


    • Thank you Joe for sharing. I also am praying for you and trust that God is at work I will give you great wisdom. The women’s ministry is going to start that book by David Platt in the new year and can’t wait to read it. I also I’m going to sign up for John‘s class this is going to be wonderful.


  3. John. I thank you for offering this coaching class. I definitely want to attend. Do we have the books at our church? I am looking forward to the wisdom shared and I long for God’s transformation in my life. To God be the glory. Signed me up. 😎


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