Entertainment or Service?

I heard a global ministry leader say this on a podcast (#5leadershipquestions) today:

A spiritual gift is not given for entertainment but for service.

When believers get that understanding of why God gave them what they have, then they are able to know better what to do with the gifts they have.

If you think your musical talent was given to you for applause, you will never fully achieve the service God intended.

If you pursue a teaching platform in order to draw bigger crowds to hear your great vocabulary or wit, the shallow foundation of your teaching ministry will eventually crumble.

If you use your hospitality gift to the max just for the pat on the back, your tank will run empty when the pats end.

Knowing your gifts is one thing. Knowing why you have them is quite another. Get there and the what question is much more easily answered.

How do you make sure your gifts are used for service and not entertainment? Leave a comment.

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