“She’s a black hole”

I asked my massage therapist today this question: “If you worked all day on the same body type, would it make you more or less tired?” Here’s his reply:

It’s not about the body type that determines how tired I am at the end of the day. When people get on my table, they bring a certain energy with them. Some people just drain you. Others give back, and more, what you are giving to them. I have one client that makes me tired. It has nothing to do with her body type. She’s just a black hole.

He has a point. Which begs this question: how does one work to be more of a giver than a taker?

10 suggestions:

  • Listen more
  • Ask questions
  • Give less opinions, particularly unsought ones
  • Show appreciation
  • Pause more
  • Refuse to complain about anything
  • Offer solutions 
  • Admit weakness
  • Confess wrongdoing
  • Compliment

These are things I work on. How do you work to be a giver not a taker-not a black hole? Leave a comment about your giving.


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