Sabbath Webinar

Over the years, the subject of Sabbath has created some interesting conversations. This year, it’s gotten more intentional as I’ve led two groups through a coaching program about it and watched the participants walk away with a new perspective and personal plan about Sabbath.

For readers in the U.S. and around the world, it would be even more interesting to hear from one another about your Sabbath practices, or lack of it. Earlier today, I teamed up with fellow coach Tonya Waechter to share a webinar, part one of three, regarding Sabbath. You can watch it here: Webinar.

Tonya and I would love to hear your insights and then have you join us for webinar parts 2&3.


2 thoughts on “Sabbath Webinar

  1. John / Tonya,

    It was fun to see you both in action yesterday. Nicely done! I know I’m not your primary target but I enjoyed listening in and learning. I hope your participation was as good as you hoped..

    I also thought I’d send you a few links to add to the conversation on resting into God “in green pastures.” Not sure if you’ve heard of Ray Vander Laan (he’s from Grand Rapids Tonya) but I have found his teaching so insightful for me as a gentile. This will likely change your view a bit …




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